Born and raised in Panama, I learned to view life from a different perspective. Everything was vivid, real, alive, the smell, the taste and the views were different. My mother brought me to America to have a better future with choices and freedom. I learned quickly everything was different and I wished I was able to take a picture of each day I was home. Since then I wished certain moments lasted forever. My mom saved to buy me a small digital camera & I took pictures of everything from the small little ants to the big buildings I've never seen before. I was falling in love with each moment and the vivid feeling was coming back. I love to travel, I love learning new things, I love meeting people, I love their stories and their expressions. I love excitement, to try something new and to feel something different everyday. Everyday is a new chance to make one memory last forever, and this is the reason why I've chosen to pursue being a professional photographer. I have the passion within me and I want it to radiate within my pictures and paintings.